A Brief History of the Social Science of Bamiyan University

A Brief History of the Social Science of Bamyan University

Since Bamyan is considered an important province with brilliant history, culture, and society, there was a certain need for training professional staff at the national and international levels with higher effectiveness and efficacy. The Honorable Minister of the Higher Education of Afghanistan with the request of Bamyan University approved to establish an independent faculty called the Faculty of Social Science of Bamyan University based on Decree No. 3325/4247 dated 1/12/1388 of the Ministry and approval of the directorate of integration, Department of Religious and Legal sciences with Letter No. 1042/1372 dated 3/12/1388 with four departments (Archaeology, History, Philosophy, and Tourism). And, the Department of Sociology used to be active as part of the Education Faculty with the activation of social science, it was transferred to Social Sciences. Currently, the Faculty of Social Sciences has five departments, which currently has 25 faculty members in five departments with bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees, who are engaged in teaching students in the daily course. This faculty has established libraries related to specialized and general fields in each department to improve students' access to resources and study materials. For more than a decade, this faculty has trained young and professional staff for society and the country of Afghanistan.

Introduction and Message of the Dean of the Faculty

I, Mohammad Ali Amini, son of Mohammad Amin, Master of Geography and Tourism of Tehran University and professor of Tourism Department, have been appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences on 3/22/1444. I thank God and I am proud of being the dean of this faculty that has served brilliantly for more than one decade and has always had a privileged position in the Ministry of Higher Education. The Deanship of the Faculty of Social Sciences considers itself committed to using its utmost effort and strength in maintaining and promoting this great trust and hopes to be subject to God's grace and approval in this direction.



Introduction of Sociology Department

The Department of Sociology was established based on the Decree No. (3488/3452) dated Feb.04/2007 by the respected official of the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan, in the form of the Faculty of Education of Bamyan University, within the framework of the country's higher education system, and then with the establishment of the Faculty of Social Sciences in 2009 was included in this faculty. This department, having expert and trained staff, examines various issues and topics of society with an analytical and research approach, and includes theoretical teaching activities and field work. The curriculum of this department is designed with a focus on the labor market and the needs of the society.

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Introduction of the Archeology Department

The Department of Archeology was established in 2010 within the framework of social sciences of Bamyan University due to the existence of ancient and historical monuments, especially ancient monuments that are registered by UNESCO. 295 people have graduated from this department since 2014. The department has four official lecturers, two fee lecturers, 112 students and a library. Archaeology department has signed a cooperation agreement with the universities of Florence and Spinozova in Italy and cooperates with the Donghuang Academy of China in archaeological researches; In addition, Archeology department has a working and professional cooperation with UNESCO, IAA, the National Museum.

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Introducing the Department of Tourism

Considering the great social, cultural and most importantly economic of tourism, this department was established based on the decree NO. (4247/3325). Dated Feb. 20/2010 by the respected official of the ministry of higher education of Afghanistan, The academic members of this department are committed to implementing strategic plans for the development and expansion of higher education at the national and international levels and trying to channelize their activities within the framework of the honorable Ministry of Higher Education, taking into account local characteristics and needs. The scientific and educational development and progress of this educational institution is evaluated and reviewed based on the priorities, values ​​and strategic criteria of the national development and development of higher education.

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Introducing the department of philosophy

The Department of Philosophy is an official education department based on the Decree number of (4247/3325). Dated 12/1/2010 of the Ministry of Higher Education in the framework of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Bayan University within the framework of the higher education system of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This department has a vision of mission, educational goals and other necessary elements of an academic field that can be studied in educational institutions in the country. The Department of Philosophy, has 4 members of the academic staff and graduated several rounds of students from the bachelor degree since its establishment. This department is responsible for teaching philosophy up to the bachelor degree. It has stipulated that the total number of units for this level of education is (140), of which (71) are specialized units, (25) are basic units, (2) are optional units, and (36) are all-inclusive units and (6) are monograph units.

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