Biography of Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs

Name: Eid Mohammad

Surname: Mohammadi

Father's name: Sayed Mohammad

Date of Birth: 1989

Scientific rank: Sr. Teaching Asstt.

Main Residence: Parwan

Current Residence: Kabul

Phone N: +93 (0)773020110 & +93(0) 788875535

Email Add:


Work experiences

  • 2008 to 2011 as an employee at Education in Kabul
  • 2011 to 2013 as recruitment manager at Kabul University
  • 2013 to 2019 as Head of publishing office at Kabul University
  • 2018 Professor at Department of Educational Management, Bamyan University
  • From 2022 up to now as a vice chancellor of students affairs at Bamyan University.


Scientific works and articles

  • Investigating the effectiveness of intra-organizational communication on the acceleration of management activities in Kabul University in 2017
  • Investigating the factors of academic decline of Bamyan students and its consequences (year 2018)
  • The importance of moral education in teaching and developing the curriculum (2018)
  • Investigating the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance of Bamyan University professors (year 2019)
  • Planning and its importance in organization management (year 2021)
  • Investigating the level of students' satisfaction with the evaluation methods of professors in Bamyan University (year 2022)
  • The role and importance of managerial ethics on organizational commitment of employees on organizations.
  • Dilemma or changeover: Drawing on departure to outcome-based education in Afghanistan
  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Performance Management System in the Ministry of Higher Education
  • Reviewing the time (Waqt) and its management in the light of tradition
  • Organization Behavior for Translating.